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Post processing of digital photos can be divided into two phases. The first stage, can accurately restore digital photos to look at the human eye can see; the second phase, to some special processing on the photos to increase the effects, synthesis and so on. If you want to learn digital photography post-processing, we must start from the first stage. As the Raw format to maximize the retention of electronic film a photo of the original information, so the most suitable for post-processing and high-fidelity restore human vision.

This paper to discuss with everyone dealing with the Photoshop Raw format photos of some of the most basic methods and techniques.

One, set up the digital darkroom with ACR

Raw photo software can handle a lot, but I believe that Adobe CameraRaw (referred to as ACR) best suited to beginners, the software interface shown in Figure 1.

ACR is that it is a plug-in, PhotoshopCS3 above all own, and seamless integration, and Photoshop. Simple interface and reasonable function division makes more easy to use ACR, in meeting the professional players on the high quality picture processing requirements and also for entry-level players on the pictures is simple, fast requirements.

II, multi-format output photo Raw format e-film deal, we will generally output as JPG, TIFF and other formats for easy viewing and printing. In the ACR, the press can do the following.

Start Photoshop, drag a Raw File Icon to the window, ACR will automatically run and open the Raw files, the interface as before Figure 1. Click the bottom left of the “memory image” button, will pop up a dialog box. Shown in Figure 2, in the bottom left of the “format” option, we can set a variety of output image format.

3, Raw picture film cleaning combat

Beautiful scenery is like shooting all the content, the general picture according to the process flow is:

adjust the white balance correction exposure, contrast, shadow, light Correction and adjustment of high color image sharpening and noise reduction output cut and other modified Images

Here we pass to describe a typical case of washing with ACR Raw basic techniques of film. Figure 3 is a display of Tibetan Shangri-La residential landscape of Raw electronic film.

This photo following major issues: White balance does not reflect the characteristics of light at dusk

less exposure, less contrast color flat lack of sharpness, soft

Not worry about these issues, ACR can be easily resolved, come together.

1. Lossless quality white balance correction

Order to restore the light conditions when shooting at dusk, we first carried out on the image of the white balance correction. ACR software to the top position in the order of the slider is the White Balance correction tool (Figure 4), which provides two preset white balance adjustment mode slider, and a drop-down menu, color temperature and color provide precise control of white balance possible, and this adjustment is non-destructive image quality.

We select the cloudy white balance modes to enhance images of warm, reflecting sunset colors.

Experience: First, we can recall the actual circumstances, such as sunlight, cloudy, incandescent, etc., directly under the white balance option is selected the corresponding option, if the picture is not restored to the human visual system at the time, fine-tune the color temperature slider can be accurately restored.

2. Exposure Correction Complete the white balance correction, the next improvement is the photo exposure and contrast. White Balance command below is followed by the exposure, recovery, fill light, black, brightness, contrast and other adjustments command.

Tips: How to determine due to exposure and overexposure

The top in the functional area, we can see a chart like many small hills, this is the histogram, it can accurately display the photo exposure situation. When a large number of crowded peaks to the far left or far right and the formation of truncated faces, on that picture there is less exposure or overexposure problems, while the corresponding sides of the chart at the top of the small triangle will be lit.

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Green High

Green sophisticated epoxy molding compound sought right after by the market?? Not too long ago stated that the world semiconductor packaging epoxy molding compounds (EMC / Epoxy Molding Compound) or epoxy molding compound), the mid 60s of final century originated in the United States (Hysol), right after carried forward in Japan, now China has turn out to be the world’s swiftly rising EMC manufacturing nation. EMC 2006 global demand is anticipated in sixteen to 17 million tons, demand in China EMC may four tons, client demand in these substantial-finish epoxy molding compound in green is a hot topic?? High-end epoxy molding material lot of hype. China EMC particular circumstance in manufacturing business? Explained that the finish of 2006, complete manufacturing capability in China EMC complete of about 70,000 tons / yr, in which Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd., Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. in Suzhou, Changchun Feng Plastic (Changshu) Co., Ltd. Changxing Electronic Supplies ( Kunshan) Co., Ltd., Hitachi Chemical Business (Suzhou) Co., Ltd., five significant companies with each other for the 60,000 tons / year, accounting for 86% of complete production capability, other companies can generate about ten,000 tons / yr, accounting for 14% of complete production capability.

 EMC is anticipated by the finish of 2008 China’s total capability to much more than 80,000 tons / yr. 2006 EMC Packaging in China about forty,000 tons of total use in mainland China organizations account for about 7 %, about three percent of overseas imports of EMC, the growth rate of about 20% of the next few many years. According to reviews, in 2005 Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. by way of a joint venture to integrate the United States and the former Hysol Electronic Co., Ltd. Jiangsu CLP Warwick sources, has turn into the world’s 3 biggest manufacturers of EMC, international advertising and marketing and Hysol Hysol-Huawei this 2 large brand EMC, transformed the globe semiconductor market competition pattern EMC in 2006 Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. to undertake the Hysol brand Transferring EMC, have been exported in massive quantities overseas, with robust global competitiveness, as U.S. factories EMC Hysol items in 2007 will be entirely transferred to Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. factory and actively develop the overseas market and velocity up other firms to expand overseas marketplace, EMC Chinese-made exports will enhance quickly, China is expected to turn out to be the world’s semiconductor EMC lead biggest producer, China is expected EMC has grow to be the world’s No. two producer of big capacity.

 Domestic R &amp D previously has a strength, primary characteristics are: tiny number of institutions, relying on study institutes, domestic and foreign investments simultaneously. According to reviews, the present professional R &amp D institutions are: domestic Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. of Jiangsu Province, IC packaging supplies Engineering Analysis Center, Beijing Microelectronics Co., Ltd. Relying on the very first Segment of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Chemistry foreign investment in Suzhou Sumitomo Electric Wood Co., Ltd. Hitachi Chemical Business (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Taiwanese Changxing Electronics Supplies (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. R &amp D centers overseas, and other domestic organizations are no EMC specialist R &amp D institutions. This R &amp D framework determines the new solution improvement and launch, and the supply of sophisticated packaging with EMC, remains dominated by foreign capital or import grid. At the moment SOT, SSOP, TSOP, QFP, TQFP and other sophisticated packaging utilized in EMC, the Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd., Suzhou Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd., Hitachi Chemical Business (in Suzhou) Co., Ltd., a huge-scale manufacturing, and has in a big number of domestic enterprises to use foreign package deal, dominant Changxing Electronic Components (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. and Beijing’s first Division of Microelectronics, also encourage the growth of new items now.

 Sumitomo Bakelite Co., Ltd. Suzhou IC bundle largely high-finish products are the principal, dominant Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., one the complete income volume, income of high-grade EMC two, with most of China’s packaging industry’s require for higher , in reduced-finish epoxy molding compound, product line comprehensive. Henkel Huawei Electronics Co., Ltd. presently developed SSOP, TQFP, QFN, BGA and other advanced packaging used EMC reached the international innovative level and has been totally recognized in the market, production and sales expanded rapidly. According to reviews, the international EMC to epoxy resin system is divided into: ECON, DCPD, Bi-Pheny1 and Multi-Perform variety, and so on. The primary items in the domestic capital for SMEs centered ECON epoxy resin system EMC, applies to a broad assortment of big Chinese diodes, transistors and other widespread packages for SMEs, but there is a lower degree of brand recognition, solution consistency is bad, weak technological innovation troubles need to be resolved, and the EMC demands five -ten minimal temperature refrigerated transport and storage, resulting in high logistics value, thereby limiting the lack of assets, tiny-scale domestic modest and medium companies increase the nationwide marketplace, generally in the local region industry to lower-value competitors. MCM (MCP), FBP, BGA, CSP, MEMS, SiP and other sophisticated packaging with EMC is still the major imports, neighborhood manufacture of EMC also promote testing and certification process on the volume.

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