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A batmitzvah when you're older can feel like coming home

A batmitzvah when you're older can feel like coming home
Régine de Frettes does not want a big batmitzvah party. But then Régine is not your typical 12-year-old batmitzvah (literally “daughter of the law”) – she is a 55-year-old mother of two. She is also one of a growing number of older women in Britain who …
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Bar/bat mitzvah year a lot of fun, but also a hectic one
Seventh-grade is a unique year. It is one of the most awkward points from a social standpoint, and it also coincides with a greater scholastic expectation from schools. Additionally, for Jewish students, the responsibility of celebrating a bar or bat …
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Leah Nickles Bat Mitzvah
On Saturday, August 15th, 2015 (30 Av 5775), Leah Nickles will be called to the Torah as a Bat Mitzvah with the Adventure Rabbi. Leah will be reading from Parashat Re'eh. Boulder Jewish News encourages Bar and Bat Mitzvah students to submit their d'var …
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Syosset Teen Rescues Shelter Cats for Bat Mitzvah Project
It was an easy choice for the Syosset resident to dedicate her Bat Mitzvah Project to saving the lives of shelter cats who are most at risk of being euthanized. Haft raised funds to support the Shelter Run Program of the Golden Paw Society, located in …

Wedding Photo Favors

After working in the favor business for quite some time now – I have come to learn that there are so manyfavor possibilities that can include your wedding photo on it. If you hadn’t thought about it let me tell you about the wedding photo favor options you have:

Functional Favors:

Candle Favors- Look for candles that come in elegant, reusable holders and that allow you to choose candle color, scent, and customize the photo label so that it fits with the color scheme of your wedding.
Golf Balls – These white balls feature your photo and, typically, a line of personalization.
Magnets- Look for sizeable magnets (1.5 inches) that come in a nice bag for presentation purposes. If it doesn’t come with a bag then purchase small organza or velvet drawstring bags.
Coasters- Many coasters are photo coasters in the sense that the middle of the coaster enables you to insert a photo.
Playing Cards- Many cards allow you to include a photo and personalization on one side of the playing card.

Keepsake Favors:

Ornaments- Photo ornament favors make beautiful wedding favors.
Picture Frames- The gift is the frame itself but you can include your favorite photo in it.


Cookie – The frosting is your edible photo. These are fun!
Chocolate Bars- These featured personalized labels that include your photo and text. You can usually purchase wrappers only or already assembled candy bars. For the latter – most use Hershey® bars but if you search you can find better quality chocolate bars.
Lollipops- Your photo on either a chocolate or hard candy lollipop.
Mint Tins- These come with a personalized label that includes your favorite photo.

And if you come to a site that looks appealing to you but you don’t readily see photo favors, just type “photo” in the sites search bar and then you’ll have them all at your fingertips

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Deb Rosenberg is a party planner and she is loves these customizable wedding photo candle favors offered at

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Tiki Party Food

One of the most important aspects of any tiki party or luau is the food. Your inspiration for tiki party food should come from the tropical environment of the islands. Serve all of your food and drinks at a tiki bar for ambience.

One of the easiest ways to serve the food is to make a platter of fruit kabobs. Use tropical fruits like melons and pineapple. These will perfectly complement fruity drinks and sweet meats, such as ham, barbecued pork, or grilled chicken. Marinate the meat in barbecue, teriyaki, or sweet and sour sauce before cooking. Seafood, especially shrimp, is always popular at tiki parties. If you can find it, mahi-mahi fish would be an appropriate entrée at your party.

For your tropical party, any number of tropically-inspired foods will complete the island feeling. Though a pig roast would be traditional at a luau, it can be complicated, and you may not have the space for it. Though many Polynesian or traditional tiki foods require special ingredients, it is entirely possible to have an island-inspired feast with unique twists on ordinary foods. Barbecuing hotdogs or hamburgers will ruin the tropical ambience, but chicken, beef satay, or seafood will continue your party theme. When barbecuing tiki food, be sure to move the grill away from your decorations; many tiki decorations, such as grass skirts, are flammable.

Tiki party food is often very creative, and this creativity should continue with the way the food is served. For example, serve a fruit salad in a hollowed out watermelon, or use the various foods of your buffet to create a display of shapes or figures. Bamboo skewers and toothpick umbrellas can also be used in your party fare display.

Many traditional ‘tiki party’ foods are actually popular cocktail party fare from the 1950’s and 1960’s, when tiki culture became wildly popular in many circles. One unique dish often served at such parties was a sauce combining brown mustard and blackberry jelly, heated over low heat. The mixture becomes a thick sauce in a few hours, and is served with li’l smokies sausages. In fact, cocktail weenies served a central part of many 1960’s cocktail parties, not just tropical parties. Many other foods served with toothpicks were also seen at these 1960’s tiki parties.

Before planning your party menu, consider the environment you want. Do you want a party that feels authentic, or do you want to draw inspiration from kitschy 1960’s tiki culture? If you plan to have a vintage-inspired party, consider finding a 1960’s cookbook with tiki-inspired recipes, featuring unusual and often surprising flavor combinations.

After you’ve planned your menu, don’t forget tiki drinks. These are just as important as, if not more important than, the food you plan to serve at your tropical party. Fruit punch and mai-tais are classic tiki drinks that are easy to make. Don’t forget dessert; anything with pineapple or coconut will do. Pineapple upside down cake and coconut cream pie are just two of the tropical desserts you can serve at your tiki party.

When throwing your tiki themed party why not check out Royal Tiki for all your decorating accessories!

Doll Photography Made Easy

A few Photography products I can recommend:

Doll Photography Made Easy
Doll Photography Made Easy
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Ez Flash Photography Lighting Workshop
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