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According to dictionary, photo shoots means a session in which a photographer takes shots of an individual or group which is also called photo session. If you have ever shot an event such as fashion week or traveled to different locations for a portrait session, you know that it can be quite stressful.

Most hopeful models just starting in the industry have the dream of one day being a supermodel and paid millions every year for their skills. The truth is that those being paid large sums of money for their modeling talents are very few and far between. Women who model for a career usually will be paid more than those who model as a side job or hobby and spend more time with every aspect of it; from working out to networking.

Most models start out for not getting paid and in fact, a lot of photographers, makeup artists will want the model to pay them if they feel she is not skilled enough to add to their portfolios. If the model has the money to do so then there are certainly no issues but what about those who don’t have money. They often end up doing shooting for free, or trade. This is where shoots are often divided into types and depending on what the goal of the shoot is. There are paid shoots where one can party and getting paid for their services. There are trade shoots, where nobody is paid but everyone gets photos to use in their port and often there are test shoots which is used to test out new ideas. Also there is client based shoot, in which everyone gets paid for producing what the client wants. For the most part there are paid and trade shoots.

While preparing for these events, one can tend to focus on gathering our major equipment like lights, soft boxes, cameras, stands, camera cards, backup batteries, light meters, flashes; the list goes on and on. However, after first few outings you can start to realize that there is often quite a few little items that you may regret for not bringing it. Venturing outside from your comfortable and well-equipped studio leaves you open to endless possible unexpected crises, both major and minor.

You can ever wonder how photographers get such great shots of their subjects from above. A dedicated photographer doesn’t mind climbing a tree to get a good photo shoots, but a smart photographer packs a ladder and you will definitely want to invest in something small and portable like in the shot. A product like this is lightweight and easy to carry and can double as a seat when you need a break on those all day shoots, also having an elevated mobile vantage point at your disposal will really open you up to some great shot opportunities. It can be quite difficult to predict when the weather is going to ruin your photo shoots so choosing an umbrella for a little rain can actually result in a great shoot.

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The Samsung Photo Printer

Samsung, through the years, has been a leader in the world of digital and technological innovation. From cellphones to laptops, to digital cameras and the likes, Samsung has always veered towards giving its valued customers the technological advancements that they deserve. So with the changing times comes changing gadgets. And with this, we come to the ever-changing methods of photo printing.

Times have changed. We can no longer rely on photo booths and manually operated photo shops to do the printing for us. The need for better quality photographs should not come as a surprise, especially in this digital age. And so, Samsung, with its hunger for innovation, has come up with a new gadget that will put to rest any of the hassles and troubles that we have to go through every time we develop a photo. The new Samsung photo printer is designed to alleviate all of the difficulties of producing a photograph outside of the comforts of your home or office.

It is time to move out of the ordinary and transfer to realm of different digital possibilities. With the Samsung photo printer, no longer do we have to wait for hours (or even days!) for your favourite picture to be printed out and shown to your loved ones. In a matter of sixty seconds, your most cherished memories can be produced as a photograph with the Samsung photo printer! This gadget uses thermal dye transfer, which processes each picture with such color precision that will leave you wondering whether the photograph is better than the real thing! With this type of technology, it is no longer a problem to find pictures with fading marks on them due to imprecise ink. That beautiful scenery in the mountains, that unforgettable memory with your loved ones, and that oh-so exhilarating moment captured on film can be a matter of few clicks away with the Samsung photo printer. No longer does anyone have to fathom those dull, lifeless photos that do not in any way show the true colours of the captured event. With the Samsung photo printer, the possibilities are limitless!

The advantages that the Samsung photo printer provides must not come as a surprise to anybody. Such a task of printing out your photographs would be as easy as any other household task. The Samsung photo printer was designed to alleviate any of the troublesome hassles that are needed in the task of photo printing. The Samsung photo printer was designed to be lighter than a household appliance and more compact than any photo printer in the market. The Samsung photo printer also has a 2-inch LCD screen that can be used to preview any picture that you wish to print out. Along with Samsung photo printer also comes a high speed USB interface (PictBridge-compatible memory card slot). It is also compatible to the most innovative interfaces of Macintosh and Windows with a one-year warranty.

The Samsung photo printer is an innovation on its own. This is the new technology in which Samsung presents its valued customers the best that digital technology can offer.

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[photo] Jian

Of: State Administration of Radio Monitoring Center Jian-Gang Wang

IPTV is an interactive network TV, is a use of broadband cable networks to home users, including a variety of interactive digital television services, including new technology. In recent years, use of broadband networks, broadband cable television, wireless video transmission of new media value-added services, like there is network TV, mobile TV, TV phone, etc., they set the Internet, multimedia, communications and other technologies in one, its transmission, the terminal vary, but the similarities are VideoOver IP.

An IP TV features IP TV with clear images and the realization of the media and the consumer interaction. IP TV uses the highly efficient video compression technology, 786Kb / s video transmission bandwidth can close its television ratings DVD standard. Select the user, IP TV can use different compression ratio, producing content for different bandwidth. It can use broadcast (live) form can also be used on-demand format. So, the user can be no time limit to watch their favorite programs. Can repeatedly watch a particular program. IP TV is not only a communications tool, it also has the inherent interactive networks and feedback. IP TV to provide digital TV programs, video IP phones, DVD / VCD player, visit the Internet, e-mail, and a variety of online information consulting, entertainment (eg games), education and business functions (such as video conferencing) and other multimedia services.

IPTV and traditional broadband Internet access with the biggest difference is the terminal mode. Traditional methods can only be limited to use of the Internet PC, and IPTV terminal can be either PC, can also be a TV, which determines the scope of IPTV is quite broad.

IPTV and Digital TV the biggest difference is, IPTV broadband network to transmit digital TV signals, but the traditional digital TV is transmitted via closed-circuit lines. Thus the “digital television” only available means of broadcasting can not be achieved on demand; and IPTV only capable of receiving broadcast signals, but also to achieve the user’s interaction with the media, but also very easy to television services and Internet browsing, e-mail, and the consult a variety of online information, entertainment, education and business functions together.

IPTV business features and functions of the broadcasting industry with the impact of IP phones, as did the impact of traffic on the fixed network, operators can not because the IP phone service alternative to fixed telephone services is not to develop it. As radio and television authorities?? State Administration of Radio Film and Television to take an active and effective management and monitoring measures will be unfavorable factors into favorable factors for the development of the IPTV business to occupy an important position.

2 how to adapt to the needs of the development of IP TV

For the next generation of streaming media business development, which areas should SARFT regulation? My view the following main aspects:

* Actively participate in standards development and standardization work;

* Find a streaming media programs meet the production, distribution, monitoring of the new model;

* The establishment of a set of content regulation, technology monitoring system.

3 Video over IP monitoring methods and indicators After packing

MPEG video streams transmitted through the Ethernet network will occur during the timing jitter distortion. VideooverIP The key is to measure the technical monitoring and testing network jitter and packet loss situation. We use as MDI (MediaDeliveryIndex) measure for testing and measurement. MDI applies to any kind of transmission through the network transport stream, and can be used to VideoOver IP system fault monitoring and alarm loss.

1. Timing distortion causes MPEG video transport streams over Ethernet and Internet package exchange, will have a certain timing on the distortion. The distortion is due to the timing and the target packet sent result of the different timing source. Packet delay in the network illustrated in Figure 1, some packets arrive than the time delay prior to their transfer to short, similar to the diagram in the first group of packages; while some of the packets arrive at the time than they longer delay before transmission, similar to the figure of the second package situation. Under the package with the ideal timing comparison of the situation, we can define the packet jitter conditions (ideal and the actual packet arrival time difference of arrival time).

Figure 1 packet in the network delay

2. Temporal distortion effects and solutions

For the receiver (IP codec) for the flow rate to the normal code to display the video image, it must pass a buffer to adjust the input rate of change in timing, but the size of the buffer required to store sufficient receive data and can ensure that the receiver at the time of broadcast video images have delayed too long data packets stored up. This system is contradictory, on the one hand requires enough memory to handle all of the network buffer delay, on the other hand too much memory buffer when the video would cause more delay. For a fixed-size buffers, the regulatory network jitter, a maximum value will be determined. Either buffer overflow or buffer will be uploaded when the video image caused by the suspension or the improved image quality.

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