US Photo Stamps

What do George Washington, the bald eagle, the US flag, a heart-shape, and Elvis Presley all have in common?

They have all been featured on US postage stamps at one time or another.

But did you know that you can design your own US photo stamps? Contrary to common belief, we aren’t stuck with only the limited selection of stamp designs offered by the US Postal Service. Yes, you can design your own custom stamps, and you can print your own stamps. Right from your own printer, from the comfort of your own home or office, instantly!

The US Postal Service has approved the printing of your own customized postage stamps at home as long as you purchase your postage online through one of their authorized dealers.

All you need, in order to print out your own US photo stamps are the following:

– A computer with Internet access

– A metered weighing scale

– A printer (color is optional, black and white is okay)

– Adhesive label printing paper

Whether you take a picture with a digital camera, design it your own graphic, your own logo, or download an image of the Internet, creating your own US photo stamps is very easy. Once you design what your stamp looks like, the next step is to weigh your package or envelope on the weighing scale. Then you input all the information about your shipment directly online: the sender and recipient’s mailing addresses, the weight of the package, the delivery method (first class, priority mail, express mail, or media mail), any delivery options (certified mail, delivery confirmation, or insurance). Then you pay for the stamp online (or the value of the stamp gets deducted from a prepaid balance). Finally, your print it out and affix the adhesive label to your package.

That’s all there is to it. It doesn’t get any simpler than this!

Sign up for a 4-week risk-free trial and you can start to print your own postage online today!

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