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An Open Bar at Your Wedding?

The costs involved in a modern day wedding can be pretty painful and one of the more expensive options is to have an open bar at the reception. An open bar is one where all the drinks are free, with the tab being picked up by the bride and groom, or the parents if they are paying for the wedding.

Thankfully, most people understand these days just how expensive this can be and come prepared to buy their own drinks. You are still likely, however, to want to supply a drink for the toast and wine to accompany any food being served.

Take the time to shop around. Check with the venue what their policy is regarding this. Some venues will insist that you use their supply, but others may be prepared for you to supply some of the wine, for instance. In this case, they may charge a fee for opening and serving the wine, known as a corkage fee, but it may still be much cheaper to go for this option.

As far as bar drinks go, if you still wanted to make a contribution, you could offer the first drink, or even the first two drinks free and then ask the guests to pay. Or, you may decide to put a time limit on the open bar, say, for the first hour.

If you think your guests may need to be told the drinks policy for your wedding, make sure you do it right from the start so there is no confusion. Perhaps on your wedding invitations you could put “Open bar for first drink” or “Open bar for first hour”. Your guests should automatically infer from this, that after that they will need to pay for their own drinks. Always try to make the wording positive rather than negative. For instance, putting the word “only” at the end of these statements, turns them from positive (hey, you get a free drink) to negative (you only get one free drink).

Whatever policy you decide, clear communication and proper planning will ensure a smooth, happy and trouble free time for your big day.

Good Luck!

Jessica Short.

Jessica Short is a full time writer, wife and mom. She lives with her husband, Jack and daughter Freya. She writes mainly about home life and issues facing the family in the world today.

Wedding Tea Party Favors

Using tea party favors will help create the event especially if you are planning on giving the bride a tea party themed bridal shower.

When planning the bridal shower one important thing that you should keep in mind is that it is her night and you should consider her tastes, personality and wishes, so do discuss the details with her.

A tea party shower can be a very feminine event and if the bride is that kind of person she will love this type of shower.

To help create a truly memorable event for her when sending out the invitations ask the guests to dress in their best dress with high heels and maybe a hat.

Consider holding the tea party wedding shower in a fancy hotel or restaurant or if you can’t afford that a lovely garden setting or maybe a party guest’s home. These can all be decorated to match your chosen tea party theme.

The tea party dcor could be in the bride’s favorite colors, if she loves pink, order the napkins, favors balloons and other items in her favorite shade.

Have the food set out in a buffet style. Old fashioned wrought iron or wicker tables or chairs placed out in a garden setting will only add to the atmosphere. In the background play soft classical music.

Decorate the tables with lacy table cloths and vases filled with fresh flowers, use tea favors of china cups and saucers for your guest to drink from and then take home.

Bridal shower tea favors come in many forms. You may like to make your own wedding favors such as cookies shaped and decorated like a tea cups present them cellophane bags decorated with stickers and ribbons.

Or you may choose to order customized bridal tea party favors online. There are many online stores that have the option of personalizing the favors such as tea bag favors which you can have the date, names or a special message printed on.

For more wedding favor ideas visit http://www.the-wedding-information-site.com/wedding-favors-ideas.html

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