Photo Recovery

Photo recovery is the process of recovering the accidentally deleted photos from the memory device. The photos stored in the memory device can be corrupted due to some virus. People want their marriage photos, baby photos and family function photos to be stored in computer, so that they can view it whenever they wish to see but unexpectedly, people may delete or damage the photos unknowingly or accidentally. It would feel very bad when we lose such priceless photos. However, you can recover such deleted or corrupted photos using any reliable photo recovery software.

Photos can be deleted, corrupted or lost due to various reasons. Let us see some of the common reasons for losing the photos. Accidentally deletion of photos is one of the reasons which may occur by pressing Shift-> Delete, or clearing the recycle bin without taking backup or deleting the photos instead of saving unknowingly. The other common reasons include: Formatting the memory device without taking backup and improper handling of memory devices such as pulling out the memory card from the camera while the camera is still ON.  Unexpected power cut while transferring photos from the memory device to computer is also one of the data loss scenarios. Mostly the photos can be corrupted due to virus in the memory device. On conclusion, the main reason for the loss of photos is mere carelessness. Mostly we can avoid such abnormalities if we are little aware of the consequences. But there is nothing to worry as we can use the photo recovery software to recover the photos deleted or lost due to above said reasons.

Finding suitable photo recovery software is depending on the reason for losing the photos. Even the photo recovery software can recover deleted photos only if we follow some instructions soon after the loss of photos. The recommended instructions include; keep the computer running, stop browsing the web and saving any files in computer, avoid defragmenting the hard disk of your computer, and avoid installing the recovery software in the drive where the lost photos are located earlier. Usually while recovering the photos one by one, the recovered photos may overwrote the memory space of other photos that yet to recovered, so it is recommended to save the recovered photos in a different drive preferably in an USB stick or an external hard disk.

There are lots of photo recovery software are available in market. One of the popular photo recovery software is Wondershare Photo Recovery. It is an easy-to-use application for completely recovering all the deleted, formatted, and inaccessible photos. Wondershare Photo Recovery has a preview functionality which allows you to check the photos before recovery, thus providing an option to recover the exact photos what you look for. This photo recovery software supports all types of devices such as digital cellphone, Zip Disk, Memory card, laptop, and so on. It has the ability to recover the photos of various formats such as GIF, TIF, BMP, JPG, PNG, PSD, WMF, CR2, DNG, RAF, ERF, RAW, NEF, ORF. Using this software, the total recovery operation can be done in just three simple steps.

It has Resume Recovery functionality, which recovers the lost data from the previously scanned results without rescanning, thus reducing the recovery time effectively. For more information, please log onto