Bar Code Technology: The Advantages

For those individuals who are not much aware of the bar codes, they are a series of black lines, having appropriate spaces and width in between them standing for whether numbers, letters or punctuation symbols. Almost available on each and every product nowadays, bar codes help in uniquely indentifying each product with the help of a scanner. Reflecting the light off the code, a scanner reads the information and translates it into numbers or letters, which get litigated and processed, finally read by the computer system.

Firstly used in the year 1974, the first product scanned was a pack of Wrigley’s Juicy fruit gum that has been put on the display at Smithsonian. At that time, it was ascertained that about $ 1.5 billion amount of money could be saved by making use of bar codes, but it turns out that the estimation was wrong and the actual savings is $ 17 billion in a year. There are several advantages of bar coding technology and the system has proved its usefulness multiple times. Some of them include:

1. Accumulation of data rapidly and speedily. A scanner can record data and enter it for up to 7 times quicker as compared to a skilled typist doing the work manually. The accuracy rate is improvised approx. 10,000 times better by using bar coding systems. In addition, it has been evaluated that bar codes make 1 error in every 3 million scans as compared to manual errors averaging out to be 1 in every 300.

2. Along with lowering down labor costs, scanning assists in keeping better track records of sales, inventory etc. Also, bar code systems help a lot in saving your valuable time.

3. The access to the information gets raised, along with the easy access to the details and information about the products and inventory. This turns to a quicker decision making process, while ordering and restocking items. In addition, it leads to have a full control on the inventory management aiding to annihilate duplicate orders as well as overstocking of the products.

In addition, It can be used just for more than managing inventories and grocery stores. Example, nowadays bar codes are used extremely by manufacturing industries to keep track at the progress stages of work in a project. Also, many other offices, organizations, stores etc. are making use of bar codes and availing their great benefits.

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