About Photo Printers

Photo printers are used to take a printout of a photo or so called as a snap. They come with various brands and with various facilities. The facilities may vary from each company and brand. One need not take a negative from the film and take a print, using chemicals and wait it to dry which is a long process. Using a photo printer is easier and is quicker. It is also available in various price ranges to meet the customer’s satisfaction. The most famous and well-known manufactures of Photo Printers are Canon, HP, Samsung, Sony and Kodak. China made Photo printers too is available which will meet the economical needs of the people.

Photo printers are of many types which include Bluetooth wireless linked, table top, handheld, Massive and Mini, Multi functional 3 in one etc. Some have functions that can be given prints from the mobile directly without using a computer with the help of Bluetooth and have many resolution options and to choose paper sizes accordingly. Some work inkless too especially the hand held ones which are very much in use for mobile phones. Some printers have edit option to edit images and to reduce the red eye when you print using a memory card.

Photo printers come with different technology methods of printing, namely, Thermal, Laser, Ink-jet, Mono ink-jet, color ink-jet etc. They have different connectivity techniques too, i.e. using the USB connection, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Ethernet 10/100 Base-TX, Infrared, Parallel memory card slots and some have Picture bridge facility and color LCD screen preview manage the image to print. There are Photo Printers, which come with batteries to give way to print the snaps when there is a power shut down for 10 minutes maximum.

One can choose to take a black or color print using a photo printer and can print the snap vertically or horizontally. Each brand gives different accessories along with the Photo printer namely, USB cord, Memory card, Bluetooth device, extra ink refills. Some brands or manufacturers of Photo printers give the facility using a dock, which will help you to click the camera to the printer directly and print the photos, but both should by of the same manufacturer

Technology has no limits, ink-jet printers are well known to all, there is a technology for the photo printer which is Dye-Sublimation, this is a ‘ribbon cartridge’, which has a film of three color panel, the paper is coated with different color each time by the cartridge so the paper is inserted automatically three times into the printer. The dye-sub printer is a slightly water resistant compared to the ink-jet printer and it is touch-dry as soon as it is printed.

Photo Printers is one of the best selling devices in the Printer Industry. Sony, Canon, Epson, HP and Brother are the leading players in manufacturing Mono and Colour Photo Printers. HP Deskjet 6940 Photo Printer is one of the best selling Photo printer. You can read exclusive review about this product at photo-printers.org.uk.