What makes a great bar?

If you’re planning a night out soon, you may be on the look out for some excellent bars to visit. But what makes a great bar? Here are are 10 things to look out for…

1. Great bars in bad locations are never ideal. While you may like to spend most of your evening in one place, chances are you’ll fancy a change of scenery after a couple of hours. Knowing there are other good bars within walking distance is always a bonus.

2. Part of being in a good location also means that it’s well connected by public transport. Or, at the very least, that you’re a short and inexpensive taxi ride away.

3. Every great bar has a great atmosphere, which means a good number of people but not so many that you can’t breathe. Music may be a plus, but only if it’s not too loud.

4. Which leads me onto this – you want to be able to hear what your friends are saying without them needing to shout.

5. For many people, this one won’t be much of an issue, but for others a great bar has plenty of seating areas. Booths are especially good for small groups of friends.

6. Getting served can be tricky in some bars, so a healthy number of waiting staff are always important.

7. Trained bar staff are even more important. Being able to spot which customer is next is a dying art, but the better bar staff are excellent at it and it reflects positively on the bar itself.

8. When it comes to buying drinks, reasonable prices will always win out. While some people are happy to pay a higher price in better bars, I would argue that part of being a truly great bar is charging fair prices for your drinks.

9. As well as the drinks being reasonably priced, a top bar will have a wide selection of beverages to choose from.

10. There’s nothing more off putting in a bar than if it’s too warm or too cold, so a normal room temperature is a must.

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