What Does Bar Mitzvah Mean?

Bar mitzvah is a Jewish celebration event when their kids step up to adulthood. In Jewish community they celebrate the coming of age of the kids for both boys and girls. For boys, this event is called bar mitzvah and for girls it is bat mitzvah. It is their traditional event but it is considered to be a modernized party. It includes western celebrating along with music, dance and decorations. Bar mitzvah is relatively a new ceremony which was started in 1922.

This ceremony is usually conducted when a boy reaches the age of 12 or 13, although in other cultures, this age comes under childhood not under adulthood. Nowadays it is celebrated on a large scale and almost everyone wishes to enjoy this event. In early years of this tradition, bar mitzvah was celebrated using traditional norms and values. But nowadays numerous changes have been incorporated in this celebration. It is now celebrated like a wedding ceremony. It appears more like a wedding reception as compared to an adulthood party. Usually the party at this occasion includes live bands, games, DJs, lighting and gifts for the child who is being honored.

There was a controversy going on few years back that women should not participate in religious ceremonies like bat mitzvah or bar mitzvah. But in modern environment, this dispute has been mitigated to some extent. Liberal Jews find this event equally important for both boys and girls.

Many people are not aware of this term, for them there are numerous online websites. These websites are helpful to use because internet is the vast and wide medium for gaining information about most of the things people do not know about. Bar mitzvah is something which becomes quite confusing even for the people who celebrate this event. It is always misunderstood with other sorts of parties.

There are other routes to learn about this event, like you can get information about it through many books, magazines and scholars to teach you about this celebration and many other Jewish traditions. There are some misconceptions related to bar mitzvah, like there are some children who do not abide by the commandments of the Jewish laws, but it does not mean that those kids are lawless. Everybody is free and at liberty to think and believe whatever he wants. But following traditions and taking part in religious festivities bring kids closer to religion. Such practices make them more curious and help them learn more.

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