The Wonders of Wunder Bar

When you or your employees are standing behind the bar and customers are lined up three deep or more, your last worry should be that the equipment you’re relying on to serve them might break down. How can you be pro-active and prevent such a disaster? This is where a dependable equipment vendor such as Wunder Bar will earn its keep. They can provide reliable, quality parts and machinery that you can depend on so that you can devote your time to your business rather than emergency repairs.

Here’s a list of some well-constructed Wunder Bar equipment you can rely on. When you’re so busy you barely have time to answer the phone, these items can also be an integral part of your beer brewing equipment:

Bar gun 36”. With a range of up to three feet, this handy device allows you to pre-program drinks so that with the mere push of a button, this wand will dispense the exact ingredients for your customers. Using this to mix the most common ordered drinks can allow you to serve more people in less time. And that, of course, means more profit.

Wunder Bar gun 36” for wine. Similar to the bar gun noted above, this wand permits you to dispense your more common wine requests, in proper pre-determined amounts, to customers. It’s available in one, two, or three-button models.

Fixabull. If you have a Wunder Bar gun built prior to 2010, a worn valve plunger stem O ring can cause the item to stop working. Retrofitting your Wunder Bar gun with the easy to install Fixabull can save you time needed by a technician to diagnose and swap your gun in the field with another.

Energy drink bar gun. Does your establishment serve energy drinks? With a Wunder Bar gun dispensing these, you can satisfy yet another customer need as well as be assured the proper amount is dispensed each and every time. No waste, no lost money. This product can be ordered with from one to four buttons.

Juice dispenser. For the health conscious, juice drinks are a must. Satisfy this desire by your customers with a Wunder Bar Juice Dispenser. Just press a button and an exact amount of juice fills a cup. Depending on the length of its cord, five through 12-button models are available for purchase.

Gun holder. Perfect anywhere but ideal for a waitress station, the gun holder lets the Wunder Bar gun remain in place; all the server needs to do is place a cup or glass under the spigot, press a button and the pre-defined beverage will be dispensed. This is an ideal arrangement as it can provide versatility for your establishment.

Security lock box. Are you concerned that your Wunder bar gun is used after hours? The security lock box can allay your fears by making sure it’s under lock and key.

The Wunder Bar line of beer brewing equipment stands for quality. If you’re searching for a product line that’s dependable and quality made, your search is effectively over.

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