The Swivel Bar Stool is Not Just For the Bar Anymore

While you will always find a swivel bar stool in a bar setting, you may want to have these stools in your home too. They provide a great setting for social interaction since they can turn nearly 360 degrees. If you like the dark wood style of bar stools then you can easily find that style but there are more styles made today for home use. Many have leather seats, others have back rests and arm bars for the most comfortable seat in the house.

If you are in the market for some new types of stools for your kitchen or home bar or decorating a new kitchen or room altogether, then a swivel bar stool will add a unique functionality to your room. Many are designed to fit the form of your body so you aren’t continuously shifting in your seat looking for a comfortable position. They don’t take up a lot of room and they are sturdy pieces of furniture that will last for many years. They are made so they won’t tip easily so you won’t have to fear for your child’s safety should they want to climb up in one. Of course they shouldn’t be left alone as accidents do happen. But they are designed with a low equilibrium to prevent tipping. Selecting the right height swivel stool is important. You don’t want them to be too tall or fall short of your counter area or bar table. Having about 12 inches of leg room is suggested for proper height.

One thing you will want to know about your swivel bar stool is if it has a flat swivel or a tilted swivel. This is good to know in case you swivel breaks for any reason and you need to replace it. Even if you aren’t sure there are some easy ways to tell. Removing the swivel and looking is the easiest way. A flat swivel will have equal distance at each corner of the casing around the bearings. A tilted swivel will not. It will have about a 3 degree slant that can be noticed by turning the swivel. When your stool runs out of swivel you will want to know this information so you can easily replace the part. Swivel bar stools are a fun way to add some style to your kitchen.

If you are interested in learning more about the swivel bar stool or perhaps you are entertaining thoughts on other kinds of chair furniture like stacking chairs just follow the links provided and you will find all the information you need.

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