The Benefits of a Home Bar

If you find that your home tends to be the gathering place for your family and friends, you enjoy entertaining and throwing parties, or you have a supply of many different types of alcohol, drink mixers, and accessories with no good place to store them, then adding a home bar is the perfect thing for you.

You get to set the scene

Have you ever gone out to a bar to catch up with friends, only to find that you couldn’t have a real conversation because it was too loud?  Or that you just couldn’t stand the kind of music they were playing?  Have you ever gone out to a bar after a long week to savor one of your favorite beers, only to find they didn’t carry the brand you wanted?  You get to set the scene at your home bar.  You get to choose the music, the volume, the drinks, and the ambiance.  And most importantly, your favorite beer is always on tap at YOUR bar!

Your guests feel like they belong

A dedicated entertainment space in your home shows that you really love entertaining and enjoy having people in your home.  It gives your guests their own space and creates a feeling of belonging.

Keep your home organized 

A home bar can be a great way to neatly store and organize all of your liquors, drink mixers, and bar accessories.

Leaves the kitchen for cooking

Setting up the kitchen counter as the drink mixing area can cause a real problem when you are trying to cook dinner or mix up appetizers for your friends and family.  People coming in to the kitchen to get a beer out of the fridge, glasses out of the cupboard, ice out of the freezer, and standing at the counter mixing drinks and chit chatting can add too much congestion in the kitchen area.  Creating a home bar gives your guests an area to congregate, while giving you the space you need.

Check out the Guide to Choosing a Home Bar Design.  The objective of this paper is to guide you through the process of choosing a home bar that suits your budget and meets your unique entertainment needs.


Written on behalf of Glastender Home, manufacturer of Cocktail Station Options for Home Bars. By: Krista Moon, Inbound Marketing Specialist,