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Home Security – Window Bars

Security bars, burglar bars and window bars are all terms used to describe a physical barrier installed over a window opening in order to discourage unauthorized entry by an unwanted party. They create a visual and a physical deterrent to home invasion. While most bars are not 100% burglar-proof, the time and effort required to compromise the barrier will likely outweigh the risk of trying to gain entry. Remember, a criminal wants to get in and get out as quickly and as quietly as possible. There are plenty of unprotected homes which provide an “easy target” for those committed to unlawfully enter.

A large percentage of home invasions and burglaries are initiated by breaking windows to gain entry. This is especially true with ground floor windows and those that are protected from a direct line of sight. Those located at the rear of a home or obstructed by vegetation are particularly at risk. Windows located on the ground floor, in the basement or the garage for security bars. Don’t forget to secure the openings of outbuildings, as well.

Security bars can either be installed on the outside or the inside of a window. Each option has its advantages. By placing burglar bars outside a window, it provides an instant visual deterrent to someone contemplating unlawful entry. In most instances that will be enough to discourage the intruder from attempting to enter. By placing the bars inside a window it’s generally more aesthetically pleasing from the exterior. Although there are a variety of decorative designs available, some owners are “put off” by the penitentiary look. Another advantage to those mounted inside the glass is that the invader would have to break the glass in order to even gain access to the window bars. They would then have to go to work getting past the bars. This would draw attention by creating unwanted noise. An intruder would much prefer an easier break-in.

It is important to note that window bars can be very dangerous to a home’s inhabitants if some key points are not observed. Imagine being trapped by fire and being unable to escape due to security bars that cannot be easily opened from the inside. The same can be said about being trapped inside, should an intruder somehow manage to gain entry. It’s imperative to have a quick release mechanism in place to allow for easy and practical escape from the inside of the home. Do not utilize a lock that requires a key or combination to disengage the unit. The release mechanism should also be simple enough for a small child or an elderly person to operate. All family members should be trained to escape a variety of situations. Additionally, make sure the security bars are compliant with all local building codes.

Substantially more information is available by consulting local home security experts or by doing further internet research.

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