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Family and friends begin mourning over Ravenna crash

Family and friends begin mourning over Ravenna crash
If I ever need a favor, or a call, she's there, and vice-versa too… [It] just devastated us, the whole staff." Michigan State Police says the trio were on their way to school Thursday morning when the driver, Emily Kubasiak, 18, tried to pass another …
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Julian Assange Remains "Deprived of Liberty" After U.K. Rejects U.N. Ruling
It also ruled in favor of Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, who was released in 2010, and Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi, who is still held in Cairo after a military coup. Assange's legal trouble began in 2010, several weeks after …
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What Jerry Richardson the Owner Learned from Jerry Richardson the Player
That was nothing compared to the favor Unitas did for him in one of the preseason games: He threw him the ball; seven catches in a half. The Colts had won the NFL … Richardson, top left in circle, in the 1959 Colts team photo. (When we get a chance …
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How to be a wildlife photographer while on a family vacation

How to be a wildlife photographer although on a family trip
If you&#39re going on a photography trip, you could easily pack two total carry-ons with just photo gear, plus a checked bag with your garments, toiletries and other necessities. But if you&#39re traveling on holiday with household, you have to weigh the …
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Heirloom Photography: Artistic Santa Images
Salt Lake City — (KUTV) If you want to skip the line for Santa and end up with some artistic pictures alternatively, Heirloom Photography will be holding a particular photo shoot Saturday November 21st. Katherine Morgan visited Fresh Living to share some of her …
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