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Pcb Screen Printing Stencil Production Process Description

one, Pop Pop measures: Network box Clear – the degree of calibration – rubber coated bottom – Pop – measuring tension – Coated Viscose – the net, Edge – Storage

Occupation description Box reuse due to network, network box is surrounded by remnants of the glue, Gauze Such debris must be cleaned, so as not to influence the mesh and the display frame of adhesion

The network box positioned on the platform (essential degree) to check out whether or not the deformation of network box, which need to have to be leveling any deformation processing

Will be cleared, undeformed mesh network frame and then coated uniform surface layer of Pu but the proper of the South Po-fat (with out adding curing agent) to enhance the drawing in the net mesh with the screen frame following the adhesion

Adhesive to be the very first time about 10 minutes later, the display frame positioned on the netting platform, and alter the relative position and height of

Selected mesh, release the clip around the mouth, the mesh tile in the box, and then the folder into the folder uniform mesh mouth, not a wrinkle, pay out consideration to the four corners to have a a lot more loose than gauze, mouth clip need to be locking clip and the clip can not be a gap among the (automobile-l frame, manually net for illustration)

Pop: 26 of the very first tension, tension stand for five minutes to 24 2nd time tension 28, stand for five minutes stress 26 third time stress 32, stand for 5 minutes and thirty stress fourth correction 5 level of tension 32, twenty minutes soon after standing on the rubber tension 30 15 minutes for glue curing the net tension of 28, standing for 72 hours just before they can make web model (to 1 m × 1 meters automatic manufacturing line employing the display as an example).

one, pulled back three vertical, vertical pulled back

two, lateral pull back 4, transverse pull back

Horizontal and vertical synchronization opened, the needed tension has been pulled when the gluing, frequent network mesh tension (100T, 110T, 120T had been thirty ± two N) (77T, 51T were 35 ± 2 N) (24T to 50 ± 2 N)

Will have tuned Glue Brush evenly with a tiny brush in the display frame and then the surface mesh sides, not to glue down the middle of network entry version, eight minutes to be dried glue can be used Scraper Plastic surfaces in the glue will not totally fit the regional strain near to contract about 10 minutes, the glue dry thoroughly (should be open hair to improve drying) just before the net

Eliminate extra mesh all around the display, and screen border state, date, when the net mesh and tension (in purchase to observe the tension adjustments) in order to avert the infiltration of anti-White, angles in the network box with red glue sealed, then sealed with waterproof tape and gauze in the screen frame and then the surface side, the exact same medicine to prevent the infiltration of

2, net drying Washing net: network with grinding paste to the grease (new internet), ghost paste to the graphics (the outdated network), in addition to net pulp pulp powder, blue oil,

With anti-white washed debris, wash with detergent net, final rinse with substantial stress water gun, the ultimate wash with pure water.

Grill net – set the oven temperature need to be much less than 48 degrees C.

Premium movie: the net clean pure water then washed as soon as. Engineering graphics chip battle film by about 20% higher variety of water film, water movie with a triangular end ruler to suppress the Net, with a triangular foot then gradually up evenness, and then Squeegee Calibrating knife soft reduction, towel dry extra water

Use the net pulp: re-sizing drying stencil, use shaving box, paste the box set up blown-line network, in which green oil three instances (about once each ten minutes or far more) base oil, face oil is twice Blue plastic film first tear movie of water on the 50K, to a network of twenty pulp, scraping every 3 (we have employed automated sizing machine), sizing soon after drying.

Mesh variety of general lines, green oil, base oil, encounter oil with the 120T, 100T, 110T mesh, carbon oil 51T, 24T sensitive blue plastic lines and thermal curing green oil with a 77T

Film’s use of water lines with a 18K movie (not net pulp slurry by utilizing network accessibility will have as uneven: Canine, Fei You, wave), green oil, base oil, face oil use network slurry, carbon-fuel use 50K water film

Movie with the required engineering drawings posted on the web board selected location, placed on exposing machine for exposing time of use (3000W spotlight), the line normally 60-80 seconds, the green oil in 80-a hundred seconds, the bottom character forty-60 seconds, oil, carbon oil, blue plastic 350-400 seconds

Pressurized water will mesh, and dry.

With blue oil (shut up plasma) outdoors the network edge seal graphic film, and dry.

Inspection, repair network, compose the date of completion and the corresponding number and record archiving and storage.

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