Stars to Hit Big Screens in 2011

Angel of Victoria’s Secret Rosie Huntington Whiteley, Taiwan singer Jay Chou, beautiful actress Emily Browning, “new” spider guy Andrew Garfield and so on are expected to shine in the approaching movies such as “Spider-Man 4”, “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoo”, “The Green Hornet”, “I Am Variety Four” and so on. Let’s have a look at the photographs beneath to know who will hit huge screens and what movies will be released this year.


Andrew Garfield

Appearing in a lot of videos which includes “Lion for Lambs”, “The Other Boleyn Woman” or “The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus”, but Andrew Garfield will only draw the consideration of audience when he “becomes” Spider Man in the upcoming film “Spider Guy 4”


Andrew Garfield will be popular right after the upcoming movie named “Spider-Man 4”


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley has become quite well-liked with her operate as an angel of Victoria’s Secret. Nonetheless, it was announced that Whiteley would function as the principal actress in the approaching movie “Transformers: Dark of the Moon”.


Audience are searching forward to see how the “actress” Whiteley is


Emily Browning

Starting acting career at the age of ten, Emily Browning has appeared in a lot of horror movies. Acting as “Baby Doll” in Zack Snyder’s action film “Sucker Punch” set to be launched in March 2011, the 22-year-previous is expected to turn out to be a star in Hollywood enjoyment.


Emily Browning is anticipated to grow to be a star in Hollywood


Gemma Ward

The 23-12 months-old Australian supermodel Gemma Ward will stir up the display in 2011 with the function as Tamara, Queen of the Mermaids in the film “Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides”


Rooney Mara

Born in 1985 in New York, Rooney Mara is expected to become a single among the very best actresses in the 12 months 2011 when the movie “The Woman with The Dragon Tattoo” in which she will portray Lisbeth Salander, the primary character in the film.


Rooney Mara is expected to become among the greatest actresses in the 12 months 2011


Jay Chou

Taiwanese star Jay Chou is the next Asian star to conquer Hollywood. He is taking part in as Kato in “The Green Hornet” set to be launched in January 2011. This will be his initial film in Hollywood.


Alex Pettyfer

“I Am Number Four”, released in 2011, will make the 20-yr-old British model Alex Pettyfer become a scorching boy in Hollywood


Jason Momoa

The 31-12 months-old actor Jason Momoa from Hawaii is very best recognized for his position as Ronon Dex in Stargate Atlantis. Jason has determined to participate in the upcoming 3D sword and sorcery movie “Conan the Barbarian” with the hope of turning out to be a renowned actor.


Jason Momoa will turn out to be popular after “Conan the Barbarian” is released in August 2011


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