Official Hi Protein Bar Review

We all know that protein is a must in diets, and that is whey protein bars come in handy. What may be the best or the next best protein bar available on the marketing, Hi Protein Bar is said to be taking the body building world by storm, or is it? In this review you learn what this product is all about and if it can actually be of assistance when it comes to gaining muscle.

Basic Nutritional Facts:

33-34 of protein
7g of carbs
20 essential multivitamins
1g of sugar

Hi Protein Bar is said to have made history and set a new standard for protein bars. What this bar did exactly was that it was formed into the first high protein/low carb (HBLC) bar. This is said to be a big deal simply because many protein bars either consist of high protein or low carbohydrates, and people that really just want to focus on lean muscle grow need both. So this makes the Hi Protein bar a new type of bar.

There were also some interesting things the maker said about their product on another review I read.

Here’s what it said:

“Hi Protein Bar´s 1g sugars to others. Some “high protein” bars contain 13g of sugars! We make all of our own bars. We don´t hire a “contract manufacturer” to do it for us. Ever wonder why nearly all bars taste the same? That´s right, contract manufacturing. Does the back of your high protein bar say, “made by” as it should, or does it say “made for” or “distributed by”? This is an important distinction. Manufactured by us. More protein, fewer carbs.” 

Reading this got me thinking that if these makers of Hi Protein Bar are actually the manufacture of their product, and this company is not paying others to actually make it for them like the others, then this product most be able to help people build muscle fast.

But of course this is no statement or guarantee, for many makers of protein products compare themselves to other manufacture products to just stand out.

On the contrary, this product is said to not only contain high amounts of protein, but various high quality protein as well.

Here is a list of the different protein it contains:

whey protein isolates
hydrolyzed whey protein
glutamine peptides
soy isolates

Since most protein bars contain mainly whey protein concentrate (which is a good quality protein), it seems like Hi Protein Bar has established a leading advantage over the other products simply because its protein is not made entirely of whey concentrate. And it may just be possible, that this product is worth its price.


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