Oddest bars around the world

If you feel bored with conventional bars, let’s try a new style of enjoying yourselves in the strangest bars below. It can be a bar in the cave or even ice. All of them are designed and decorated creatively based on unique themes.


Cova d’en Xoroi, Spain

The bar was built when a cave in the cliffs was to be improved. It is a favorite bar of both local people and tourists vacationing in the south of Minorca. In the afternoon, visitors can sit under big umbrellas on the outdoor terrace to have an overview of Balearic Islands. Besides, at night the Cova d’en Xoroi always has impressive performances.


Cova d’en Xoroi in Spain



Cave Bar, Jordan

In 2000-year-old city of Petra, Cave Bar is allowed to open for the commercial purposes. The walls of the bar are close to a part of an ancient tomb named the Crowne Plaza Resort. In the bar, tables are placed in a spacious area so that reddish light makes it look mysterious and bloody. Several tables are set in niches for those who like privacy.


Cave Bar in Jordan



Floyd’s Pelican Bar, Jamaica

Floyd’s Pelican Bar about one mile away from the southwest coast of Jamaica has the roof made of huge palm leaves. Because the bar has no individual rooms, and visitors can stand waist-deep in water to enjoy drinks. It is accessible to come there by boat or swimming.


Floyd’s Pelican Bar in Jamaica



Absolut Icebar, Sweden

Absolut Icebar is opened in Yukkasyarvi village to the north of Sweden. This seasonal restaurant opens only from mid-September to mid-April. The whole bar is covered with ices and colorful lights. Made out of huge blocks of ice nearby Torne River, the walls are extremely cold. The temperature inside the bar is always kept at about 23 degrees.


Absolut Icebar in Sweden



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