North Cyprus Weddings

What’s more a better way to visit Northern Cyprus through Direct Traveller! Every season we bring you the concept of cheap holidays to Cyprus by providing you with comprehensive information that includes the benefits of journeying there, the facilities being provided either in the flights, at hotels or at the beach hotels. Expect a high level of customer service wherever you go. If you visiting Kyrenia, then you can book a hotel for accommodating yourself at any one of the hotels in Kyrenia. Most of the hotels there near to tourist attractions that includes major ones like Kyrenia Castle and Kyrenia Harbour.


Easter holidays in Cyprus can be realised in the best way when you select Direct Traveller as your tour operator. The biggest advantage you get is that you can get value for your money. Our motto is more services for tourism concerned people. People in UK can choose to fly directly from any of the 20 international airports and can land at either Larnaca or Ercan based upon their preference. Each Larnaca flight provides best amenities to travellers on board besides creating a unique flying experience. As Larnaca is near to a majority of the tourist attractions, people will not be finding much problems when they choose it.


Not just for travelling but North Cyprus is considered majorly for celebrating many momentous occasions like weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Coming to Cyprus weddings, they will leave an everlasting impact on you with the high level of spirits involved. Realising such occasions of a lifetime within in the Turkish backdrop will be an awesome idea. With the availability of cheap Cyprus holiday packages through Direct Traveller, the realisation of holidays in an affordable manner will be still more rewarding. Avail the services of booking a ticket and fixing the flight schedules and similar services free of cost.


Winter holidays in Cyprus can be welcomed in a magnificent way with the onset of seasonal tour offers from Direct Traveller. Apart from the provision of regular deals and featured package holidays, we are specialists in organising seasonal holiday packages. Winter holidays 2010 will be different this time around. You get to choose to a wide range of hotels so that you can checkin and accommodate yourself at a grand hotel like Riverside Holiday Village in Kyrenia to get the best advantages of Turkish hospitality services. The acts you get to perform are like skiiing, trekking and other adventurous activities besides enjoying the chill factor.


Visitors are found increasingly in numbers especially, for weddings in Cyprus. One of the reasons is that Direct Traveller sets the perfect stage for your wedding in this beautiful Turkish island where you can enjoy and share feelings with your near and dear on a defining occasion of your life. Ever felt the happiness of enjoying wedding anniversaries in Cyprus? Direct Traveller lets you personalise this feature with the irresistible concept it has introduced like Winter sun holidays for Northern Cyprus. Grab the opportunity of spending quality time in the Cypriot location before anyone actually does.


How great it would be if you along with your friends visit a region that is full of adventures and nature’s unspoilt locations! This is what North Cyprus is all about and the concept is being affordably brought to you by world’s best tour operator to this tourist friendly island, Direct Traveller. With the introduction of group holidays, there’s no stopping for visitors all alike. Whichever you hail from in UK, we have got flights that will land you directly land in any of the chosen airport in Northern Cyprus like Larnaca or Ercan. Choose our services now and benefit the most from the features provided.

Direct Traveller is a guarantee of our high standards and a voluntary members of ABTA giving you total service confidence along with financial protection.

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