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Tips on How to Choose Your Next Lens for Photography
One of the questions that crops up often on photography forums, sites, and even in photography conversations over a pint is "which lens should I buy next?" It is said with such sincerity and met with so many recommendations that are, in the end, mostly …
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Pakistani Embassy holds photography exhibition to celebrate Pakistani-Turkish ties
Speaking to Today's Zaman during the event, Ambassador Mahmood stressed the fact that the photographs displayed in the exhibition were taken by Turkish nationals who had lived in Pakistan and had seen the people and culture of Pakistan first hand.
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Add Rainbow Colored Flames to Your Photography Using Everyday Household Items
What is it about photographers? It's no secret that a lot of us like to play with fire, fire and more fire. So to help you get more from your pyromaniac proclivities the Backyard Scientist has provided us with this DIY video teaching how to easily make …
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