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Libertarian and Green parties sue the Commission on Presidential Debates for a
The Libertarian and Green events – along with their respective presidential candidates Gary Johnson and Jill Stein – filed a lawsuit Tuesday in federal court, charging that the exclusion of “qualified candidates” from the standard election presidential …
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&#39Party Home&#39 Featuring Caged Lion Disrupts Hollywood Hills Community
A so-known as &quotparty house&quot that housed gatherings – such as one in the past that featured a live caged lion — was leading to disrupting noise and site visitors in the Hollywood Hills location, residents mentioned Monday. &quotI don&#39t believe we really want a playboy mansion …
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Don&#39t Bury Political Parties Just However
Is U.S. politics shifting in crucial ways thanks to “new technologies and shifting media norms,” with benefits that shift influence away from party leaders and other political elites? That&#39s what Ezra Klein hypothesizes in an fascinating essay in Vox …
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