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James Franco&#39s Bar Mitzvah Now Has a Theme Song
… way to get an invite: they wrote a song that may be even far better than the hora. With the opening line of: “when the beat drop, represent. Everybody got a tiny bit of mensch in them,” the “James Franco Bar Mitzvah” song is tailor-created for the …
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¿Qué tienen en común el Bar Mitzvah, el cine, la diversidad sexual, el divorcio, Israel y el judaísmo?
¿Qué tienen en común la Bar Mitzvah, celebración tradicional de un niño judío al cumplir 13 años con mujeres “ancladas” que son las que no se pueden divorciar dentro de la religión, con niños detectives, con dos mujeres -que parecen diferentes, hasta&nbsp…
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Head of Atheist Organization&#39s Jerusalem House Vandalized in Obvious Jewish
Without a doubt, the mitzvah of blotting out the memory of Amalek is pointed out in Exodus 17:14, &quotThen the Lord stated to Moses, &#39Write this on a scroll as some thing to be remembered and make certain that Joshua hears it, due to the fact I will totally blot out the name …
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