Know About The Patent Bar Exam

It is officially called the Examination for Registration to Practice in

Patent cases before the United States patent and Trademark office. The

exam is informally known as the Patent Bar exam. It is noteworthy that

people who pass the Patent Exam and are admitted as patent agents before

admission to a state bar are allowed to change their registration to

patent attorney. But to do this, they have to provide the USPTD with the

proof of good standing in a state or a territorial bar.

An important thing to note here is that today the Patent Bar exam is a

computerized exam but before June 2004, the test was simply a pencil and

paper test which was taken by aspirants across 15 locations in the US.

But now it can be taken on any business day and people can choose from

any of the hundreds of prometric locations around the country. To give

an idea of the actual exam, aspirants are allowed to sit for a sample

computerized but this kind of practice exam does not consist of any

sample questions. After an individual is granted approval to sit for the

exam, there is a deadline of 90 days within which the individual has to

schedule his examination with Prometric.

The exam consists of 100 multiple choice questions and is of six hour

duration. The patent bar exam is divided into two session- morning and

afternoon. People have to complete 50 questions in 3 hours in the

morning and the rest 50 question in the afternoon session. The required

score to pass the exam is 70% or 63 correct out of the 90 graded

questions. The exam consists of 10 beta questions and they do not count

towards the exam taker’s final score.

People aspiring to pass the Patent bar examination can study with the

help of software programs which are easily available online. The

software program help individuals to pass the Patent bar exam in the

very first attempt. These are available at affordable rates and provide

a large question bank. The questions are of various difficulty levels

and give users a great deal of practice to pass the Patent exam.

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