Jeep Wrangler Roll Bar Grab Handles

“When the tough get going – isn’t it nice to know you were smart enough to install Grab Handles with the reliability and versatility to withstand even the most challenged situations?”

When you built your Jeep high enough it no longer fits in the garage, you also created a situation for your passengers who are ready to hit the trail with you. You and your passengers need something to climb in with and hang on to. A good set of Handles should cover this task AND be multi functional!

A good set of Grips should be there to assist on entry and exit from the vehicle, give you and your passenger something to hold on to when to trail gets tough but also be available for use for your gear! Take for example the Sport handles by Rugged Ridge which are the most basic kind. These are perfect for holding your tow ropes rolled, jumper cables together and can even be used to as a pull handle when bringing out a winch line.

For vehicle entry there are also many choices. When choosing Handles consider the amount of stress that is going to be put on them and where they are going to be mounted….then of course appearance, you want some nice looking grips in your entry ways! For heavy pulling or vehicle entry we have found the Ultimate Grab Handles stand up to the name, these handles feature three web fasteners that hold the grips securely to the roll bar creating the strongest vehicle “entry-grip” we have used.

For the JK 4 Door Unlimited consider pairing the ultimate Handles with at least one set of Rugged Ridge Rear Grips. These are not only a perfect match with the ultimate handles but they are also mount up in multiple places in the JK. Use them for your rear passengers or mounted on your windshield channel! The JK Jeep Wrangler can also be outfitted with Seat-Back Grab grips for your back seat passengers.

Bottom Line: “Quality Grab Handles are one of the most economical accessories to add to your Wrangler to make life on or off the trail”

David Mellon (DLM-Distribution)