Green Screen Editing

A green screen process is an advanced form of photography that is used for replacing background image of the subject by any other selected image. This kind of picture making is done by the photographers with the help of advanced video editing tools. You can customize the videos or images as per the requirement. This kind of process enables a user to transform the subject in a world of imagination and creativity that has got no bounds and limits.

Pre-requisites of green screen editing:

For performing green screen editing, you need to place a subject against a green color background. A person can also select a blue shaded background as these two shades are the farthest from the human skin tone. Above all, these two shades are sensitive to the camera sensors. The cloth that you use as a background should be without any creases or folds. If the cloth is ironed before being used, it does not create any problem in masking process. If a person performs the masking process by placing a subject against a folded or pleated green or blue shaded background, then the background image does not get clearly replaced by any other graphics. Proper lighting system is another factor that counts when a video or an image is shot. Good lighting system eliminates all dark shadows or dark areas from the background or the subject. You can make use of “three point lighting system” for effective and impressive output of final videos and images. The “three point lighting system” includes a key light which means that lightens up the entire background area and even the subject. Then you have back light that is responsible for removing the shadows at the back of the person being shot. Lastly, fill light is the one that removes all sorts of shadows or dark areas from the face or clothes of the subject. Use flood lights and amber gels for soft and colorful effects. Hence, you can make your editing for green screen picture making beautiful and impressive.

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