Gifts For a Bat Mitzvah

Today is your daughter’s big day; she turned 13 a few weeks ago and is now ready to be accepted as an adult in the Jewish community. As a parent you couldn’t be prouder of your child. Your faith is an integral part of your identity and your daughter feels the same. She’s the oldest of your children and the first to have a Mitzvah. You want to buy her a gift but aren’t sure what to get. Below is a quick guide that will aid your decision.

Keepsake or Jewelry Box

A common and quite popular gift is a keepsake box. Doing a quick Google search will reveal an enormous listing of sites boasting the variety of boxes they have in stock. It’s true, keepsake boxes come in all shapes in sizes, from hearts to deep squares to shallow rectangles. Some come with partitioned sections to hold items of different sizes. Others are simple open boxes that your daughter can organize any way she sees fit. They can be personalized with an engraving, making them a unique gift. Certain keepsake boxes double as a picture frames, with a slot on the top for a memorable and interchangeable photo. Keepsake boxes are lovely gifts that your daughter will use for many years.


A framed painting is a beautiful gift that will add an artistic motif to her life. Prints can be bought for a reasonable price online or from a licensed art dealer. Since you are celebrating an important religious day you might want to buy a piece of art that symbolizes this. Several dedicated Jewish stores sell framed paintings and Bat Mitzvah artwork specifically for this day. Decorated with bright colors and sacred sentiments, the Mitzvah art will commemorate the significance of her important day forever.

Traditional Gifts

Relatives and friends are going to give your daughter gift certificates and other fleeting presents. But you would like to give her something that represents the weight of this particular day. There are several different traditional gifts that will impart the meaning of her Bat Mitzvah. A framed Torah is a beautiful and awe inspiring gift that can be displayed in any room of the house. It will remind her of the religious maturity she has grown into. Another traditional gift is a hand blown glass Yad. It rests on a sterling silver stand and posses a stylized flare coupled with religious sentiment. It’s a wonderful gift for any young lady. Don’t be afraid to purchase your daughter a traditional gift that will connect her to the Jewish faith.


What young woman doesn’t appreciate jewelry? The right necklace or bracelet can bring beauty and sophistication to the wearer. If you’re having second thoughts about buying your daughter jewelry, consider Disney’s precious jewelry collection. It’s influenced by different characters and movies from their monumental catalogue. While decorated with diamonds and pink sapphires, the jewelry, such as their necklaces, are appropriate for a young lady but still capture the innocence and love Disney strives for. As a grown-up in the eyes of the Jewish community, it’s a perfect time to buy her a necklace or other pieces of jewelry.

There are several different gifts you can buy for your daughter’s Bat Mitzvah. It’s important to pick something that she’ll not only love, but connects her to this life changing day. Remember, whatever you choose to buy, make sure it represents the love and pride you have for her.

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