Fly Bar: Feel the Thrill

Have you ever dreamt of flying? Though it’s impossible for some, you can still feel the exhilarating and thrilling experience of soaring high, floating and hanging up in the air. These can all be achieved with the new, exciting toy, the Fly Bar.

The Fly Bar is actually a type of a traditional pogo stick with an improved, unique style. That is why it is known to be “the super pogo”. Just like any other pogo stick, it can be used for jumping up and down, with the use of a T-shaped pole with handle at the top, a foot rest near the bottom, and a spring located somewhere along the pole which extends below the footpads. The spring joins two sections of the pole, and can be used by placing one’s feet on the footpads while balancing. You can jump up or press down on the footpads to compress the spring for a high, flying experience. When the spring has been fully compressed, you will be lifted into the air aided by the recoil of the spring. How high one jumps solely depends on the leg strength and effort. Its elevation potential is over 5 feet for riders between 120 and 250lbs and capable of producing up to 1200 pounds-force or 5,300 Newton of thrust.

The Fly Bar also comes in with another kind of jumping experience, the Fly Bar 800. It is intended for lighter people and allows adult riders to propel them up in the air. Unlike the usual spring, it uses twelve elastic bands used for propulsion, also known as thrusters.

Another Fly Bar model is the Vurtego pogo which forfeits the traditional spring design in exchange for an air spring system. The air spring allows riders to reach great heights without the requirement of a heavy spring or elastomeric bands and weighs under 11 pounds (5 kg) yet is capable of producing 1500 pounds-force (8,000 Newton) of thrust. Its tension settings are so efficient that it can be adjusted depending on what the rider’ s want on how they would be launched several inches or feet into the air.

Back then, pogo sticks are just known to be a child’s toy or exercise equipment creating a hopping action and jumping sensation, similar to that of a trampoline. Today, it is one of the most extraordinary athletic sports often compared to other extreme sports like skateboarding. As a matter of fact, the world championship of the sport is called Pogopalooza which is being held annually since 2004. Participants perform stunts or tricks on a pogo stick known as Stunt pogo or extreme pogo.

So if you are looking for an adrenaline rush, a Fly Bar is the recommended equipment for you. Although the Fly Bar can give you an indulgence that every athletic person looks for in any sport, one should always take precautionary measures to avoid accidents to happen by protecting one’s self by wearing safety gears and equipments.