Birthday Cupcake Towel Favors

Organizing children’s birthday parties can be exciting as you can incorporate colorful themes and exciting activities. Cupcake theme for your kid’s birthday party can be interesting. Children love cupcakes and they would surely love them all around. Birthday cupcake towel favors have gained quick popularity because of its attractive get-up.

Kids’ birthday parties are incomplete without gifts and presents. Arranging for the return-gifts is a part of the party planning. If you are planning for a cupcake birthday party theme, then you can go for cupcake towel favors. They look cute, neat and colorful.

Presenting your guests an elegant and classy gift like cupcake towels is the most delightful way of appreciating their presence in the joyous occasion. Cupcake towels, in their colorful appearance look ‘delicious’. Plus, they serve a purpose too.

Cupcake towel favors are easy to make and does not involve any mess-ups. You can incorporate your own creativity to make them on your own. Before you embark on making the favors, get hold of the following:

* Hand towels

* Long and straight decorative pins

* Colorful and decorative scrapbook paper

* Glue

* A pair of scissors

* Satin ribbons

* Fake flowers

* Any additional embellishments that you think you can incorporate

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, you can proceed to make the cupcake towel favors.

* Buy hand towels from market. You can get all of them in the same color or you can mix and match with varieties of colors.

* Fold the towels in half and roll them until they are tight enough. Loosely rolled towels would not be able to stand up straight.

* Now, use the pins to secure the seam of a towel roll in place. You can consider using pearl pins as they add an additional decoration to your cupcake favors as they are visible along the seam of the towel.

* Cut out a rectangular sheet from the scrapbook paper and roll it end to end. This will make the base of your cupcake. Make sure the towel roll fits in to the cup that you make out of the scrapbook paper.

* Stick the ends of the rectangular scrapbook sheet with glue and make sure it is strong enough to withstand the towel roll. On doing so, put the roll in.

* Your cupcake is ready to get some decorations on it. Use fake flowers and satin ribbons to embellish it in any way you want to.

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