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The 12-Bar-Blues

The normal “12-bar-Blues” usually consists of 3 chords. Usually named as “I-IV-V”-chords, alternatively as Tonic – Subdominant -Dominant. The I-Chord is the basic keynote of the Song, from which the two different can be derived.

Here we have the scale (without half steps): C D E F G A B C

With a Blues in C the I-chord is the C chord and so the IV-chord is an F and the V-chord a G-chord.

To test this simply count:


The principle can be found in every typical Blues song, you just have to count the chords, if you have the keynote, that means the I-chord .

Our 12-Bar-Blues follows this pattern: E (4 bars) A (2 bars) E (2 bars) B (2 bars) E (2 bars)


12-Bar-Blues in E  

  E                                         E  







  E                     E                       A  







  A                      E                     E  







  B                      A                      E  







  B              E  







For correct practicing you can also use the GuitarPro file, with which you can practice, until you can play it easily and fluid! (12-Bar-Blues in different keys.gp3)

If it sounds too boring, you can easily add some 7th chords (e.g. E7, A7…). See Lesson 2!  


Find the I. IV. and V. chords of the following frequently used keytones for 12-Bar-Blues through counting

1. A
2. D
3. G


1 I. = A IV. = D V. = E  
2. I. = D IV. = G V. = A
3. I. = G IV. = C V. = D


· Crossroads
· Good morning little schoolgirl
· Malted Milk
· Pretty Woman
· Pride and Joy
· Statesboro Blues


Bar 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Chord E E E E A A E E B A E E

VARIATION (like played in Crossroads Blues)

Bar 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12.

Chord E A E E A A A E B B A E

You can find the GuitarPro & midi files for this lesson on
Author: Dirk Hagemann
Dirk Hagemann is a webdesigner & Blues guitar player for years and have one of the biggest websites for Blues guitar players:

Tricks To Perform In Bars


There are many tricks, one could perform in bars regardless of one’s gender to impress or perhaps as a way to get introduced to those who find themselves at the bar at the same time one happens to be there. This being the case though such tricks are usually performed by males to, for the most part get the attention of a female who has caught his attention.

Tricks one could perform are of many varieties though I for the most part recommend, those which are not overly complicated and yet call attention to the one executing it. Tricks should not be dangerous in any way to anybody not even oneself, for this may get one not so delicately asked to leave the bar in question, so in other words setting fire to the furniture in the bar is not what I had in mind. What I did have in mind however is something simple which I happen to have a particular talent for, as my body’s coordination just seems to lend itself to it. This being my ability to throw small pieces of food in the air; like a grape or a peanut and catch it with my mouth.

I really do not know what it about this “corny” trick but it has never failed to get somebody’s attention, when I have performed it, weather it be at bars or even my own wedding; people just seem to like seeing me do it. To me there is nothing to it as I have a natural ability that allows me to catch the item I throw up in the air about 90% of the time, also making me think it is a shame people of my skill do not get paid for it as well as professional athletes do but those are the breaks.

As for the trick itself, like all things in life there are no sure ways to please others but I believe based on the many times I have done it that more often then not this trick will achieve the goal of making those around at least smile. With regards to those that can not perform this trick, I suggest they practice it, given that it can not be that difficult I figure if it came to me with such simplicity.



My name is Gianni Truvianni, author of many an article to be found on the internet along with the book “New York’s Opera Society”. My works also include the books “What Should Not Matter”, “Love Your Sister” and several others which still remain unpublished though I am presently looking to change this.


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