A Guide to Bar Handles

Door Furniture! No wonder the word door furniture strikes beauty in our mind. There are a couple of things which fall under this Category, such as door locks, knobs, handles, bar handles etc. But you definitely need to be careful before purchasing the door handles to make sure that you don’t fall a prey to the store keeper who is just looking out for another customer to buy accessories from store.

Out of these categories bar handles are the most beautiful handles that not only adds beauty to the door but also is strong enough to bare the pressure required to open and close the door. Bar handles are usually used for Cabinet doors or refrigerator doors.

The Boss Bar is a relatively new European designed bar handle that is unique in the way in which it is mounted. Instead of inset legs (T Bar Handles) or one piece ‘D’ style design, these are made of 3 distinct parts; the bar and two end ‘boss’ fixings. The bar sits neatly within the two end fixings, giving a precise, well engineered and contemporary finish. The 14mm version is the sleeker style best suited to smaller kitchens and where the handles should blend in to the overall design.

Bar handles have a lot of varieties that can make your house more attractive. The best thing about bar handle is that, it can be changed or replaced very easily. One doesn’t need to call a carpenter to fix it. Another best part about it is that it is not that all expensive, since there is wide ranges of variety available for it, so one can always find the best at an affordable price.

If you are talking about quality than I can bet on that that the quality provided on bar handles is the best, it doesn’t wear off not does it fade away. But one needs to take care of it anyway in order to make it look beautiful forever. With regard to materials, a good plated handle is just as good as a stainless one. Stainless Bar handles usually are more expensive. Just make sure to client the handle with a damp cloth rather than using soaps or detergents on it because they have salt in them which will affect the finishing.

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